Giving Back



was fortunate to achieve his life ambitions many years ago.

AJ Billions set up a walk at his former HS for a classmate that became paralyzed.

AJ Billions launched a non-profit company for Hurricane Katrina victims and raised over $500 to assist families in need.


AJ Billions has a homeless outreach and is always doing random acts of kindness.

AJ Volunteers with:

  • Salvation Army
  • Catholic Charities
  • SAG-AFTRA Foundation
  • NY SAG-AFTRA Film Freeway

AJ Billions dreamed of buying his mom a house and car one day and the highlight of AJ BILLION$ career was when he surprised his mom with a new car for Mother's Day and bought her a house after she beat cancer.

AJ Billions also mentors youth and is on track to become a billionaire philanthropist.

"I used to visit child cancer patients. One of the most difficult encounters was calling a parent to send her child a holiday gift and the parent informing me that the child was no longer with us" ~ AJ BILLIONS